Domestic Violence and Men who Kill their Wives or Girlfriends

Domestic Violence and Men who Kill their Wives or Girlfriends

Men who kill their pregnant partners in cold blood are pure unadulterated evil in human form. There are no two ways about this. About 20 per cent of pregnant women who died during their pregnancy were murdered by an intimate partner.

I had to read this a number of times to let it sink in, because it seems so unbelievable that there were that many men in relationships, who were capable of killing their partner and their unborn child. It is no longer an isolated or rarest of rare cases; it is endemic.

According to the Washington Post about 1,300 pregnant women were killed by their partner during the 14 year period from 1990 - 2004, which means about 1300 men were able to turn around and snuff the life out of someone they were supposed to have loved the most.

Domestic violence statistics provide compelling evidence to this horrible fact.
What is even more demonic than this fact is the lenient sentences they get based on pleas such as spur-of-the-moment impulse, insane rage, provoked beyond endurance, jealous rage, and similar fairy tales that judges seem to lap up like hungry street dogs lap up three day old meat.

We have heard plenty about how they do it. Let us try to figure out why they do it. Are all men potential spouse murderers? Don't they all have the same hormones and drives? These are basic questions that crop up.

No, men are not natural born killers. Even men who have issues such as growing up amidst scenes of domestic violence, consume alcohol, are physically aggressive with other males, pick fights in bars, are into physical sport such as boxing and wrestling, et cetera, do not compulsorily turn their violent tendencies on their partners. In fact there are men who tone down considerably in the presence of their loved ones.

So who are the men who do it, and what prompts them? These would be the sick psychopaths who are totally self-centered, unemotional, and incapable of empathy. You can recognize some traits in them such as a tendency to be pathological liars, an elevated sense of self, sociopathic in the extreme.
These tendencies only get stronger and deeper with time and cannot be changed by you.

Recent studies in genetics have pointed to certain physical characteristics that may be indications of cruelty and unemotional behavior. According to this, men with short thick necks, short arms, and hands in relation to the rest of their body, may possess the ability to exhibit cruelty. Now this is may be refuted by advanced studies, but for defenseless women clutching at straws, it may prove useful to keep this in mind. Use your own powers of observation. Check out domestic violence news and pictures of spouse murderers such as Bobby Cutts Jr. and others and see if this proves to be valid.

These men are not able to think of or care about anyone. Even when they have caused hurt to another, they can only talk about how inconvenienced they have been by the whole episode. A pregnancy is for them, a major inconvenience.

What is the happiest moment of a healthy man's life is for these freaks a disruption that should be ended, a wrong move that has to be corrected. If it means killing the woman and the baby it is as big a deal as running over the neighbor's dog while rushing to meet an important appointment.

He might not be upset about it in any major way, except be inconvenienced and annoyed as if he were forced to mow the lawn, when all he wanted was to hang in the hammock all day for the rest of his life. Everything in his life including the woman is there for his convenience—the car is not supposed to break down, the woman is not supposed to get pregnant, it is not supposed to rain on his picnic, period.

Steer clear, my friends, steer clear of he who does not think you are important; who thinks you can be won over easily with charm, flowers, and flashy objects; who hurts you happily and doesn't regret it; who comes onto you while still with another woman or just fresh from a break up.

Before he starts exerting physical pressure and violence on you, he'll do it verbally and emotionally.

If he compels you verbally to do things you do not want to, take it as a warning and beware.

Domestic violence and murder
are not too far away for these men. Do not hang around for it to get better, it won't.

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